Bejafta Group is an engineering and servicing firm, engages in the fabrication of replacement parts for fertilizer blending plant and installation. This positions the company shoulder high above other fertilizer producers, as we possess the technical know-how on all plants and its machineries used in the production of fertilizer, giving us the competitive edge in the market, as result, the company recently successfully revamped the ebony state blending plant.

Bejafta has also rectified the technical challenge that had plagued the funtua blending plant, kastina state, enabling it to operate at optimum capacity for then first time since commissioning.  The company is also currently involved in the turn around, revamp and increase of the production of the West Africa fertilizer company, Okpelle, Auchi, Edo state.

About Us

Bejafta Chemical & Agro Allied Services is a company engaged in blending of fertilizer and sales of Agro allied products, Bejafta is into the provision of technical services, trainings, fabrication and installation of machines in fertilizer manufacturing sectors. 

The company through a partnership with the plateau state government on the bokkos fertilizer blending plant, has revamped the hitherto ailing plant which was abandoned over a decade and has commence the production and sales of fertilizer in commercial quantity in 2016.

The bokkos fertilizer blending plant is one of the largest in the country and has an hourly production capacity of 50 tons and a minimum average of 330,000 metric tons annual production. The factory strategically located in Bokkos LGA, Plateau State in north central of Nigeria to serve the largely agrarian communities of the region.

As a recognition of our pioneering activities as the first indigenous company involved in the successful revamp of fertilizer blending plants, the minister of agriculture included the company in the technical team involved the assessment of comatose fertilizer blending plants across the country.
Due to our proven capability bejafta was selected amongst eleven (11) fertilizer blending plant in partnership with the National Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA), National Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC) NPK and the fertilizer Producers Association of Nigeria (FEPSAN) to blend fertilizer on behalf of NAIC-NPK under the presidential fertilizer initiative which was since kick started